Align teams toward common goals and ensure everybody moves in the same direction.

Cascade objectives and development projects across the organization

Ultimately, people are the ones who execute the chosen strategy across the organization. Amplon ensures an effective way to communicate and cascade these strategic objectives to everyone.

Amplon is especially powerful in managing projects that require contributions from many organizational units or teams.

Vertical alignment

The Hoshin Kanri is all about alignment and now in Amplon you can first time ever see the alignment in real-time and how objectives are cascaded through the organization.

This picture shows the alignment checker. You can quickly see how top-level objectives are cascaded through the organization.

Visually ensure alignment

Efficient alignment is one of the cornerstones of high-performing organizations. Amplon helps to make the alignment process effortless with its visual dashboards.

While having a lot of freedom, the powerful alignment dashboard helps teams to ensure approved objectives and activities are aligned.

This picture of Hoshin kanri software visualizes multiple X matrixes side by side and immediately gives you the alignment overview.
A dashboard that visualizes the alignment and status.

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