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Amplon is powerful digitalized strategy execution tool which is easy-to-use, increase collaboration and provides real-time dashboard.

Easy way to formulate effective strategy

Powerful strategy matrix (X matrix) combines objectives, development initiatives and KPIs into single view. In Amplon one simple, easy-to-read matrix visually communicates the entire story of your strategy.

The X matrix helps management in each level to ensure that the focus is clear: few objectives followed by limited amount of priority projects and a handful of leading indicators.

Digital Hoshin Kanri X matrix

The X matrix help you to start less and finish more.

Effective way to cascade down objectives and development projects

Strategy is executed by people across the organization. Amplon ensures effective way to cascade down objectives to everyone.

While cascading objectives each organizational unit is formulating objectives relevant to them. However everyone retains focus on main organizational goals because of easily accessible, visual matrixes and reports in Amplon.

Amplon is especially powerful in managing projects, which require contribution by many organizational units or teams. The cross functional projects will be visible and easily updated where necessary, while still allowing each unit or team to have their individual x matrix.

Visual way to ensure alignment

Efficient alignment is one of the cornerstones of high performing organization. Amplon helps to make alignment process simple and effortless.

Amplon allows management teams to formulate strategic objectives based on cascaded objectives. Whilst having lot of freedom, the powerful alignment reporting helps teams to ensure approved objectives and activities are aligned.

Professional progress and status reporting

Powerful Amplon platform handles full audit trail of development initiatives enabling continuous improvement. Easy to read reports provide quick and effective overview on project status. Reports can also be easily copied to PowerPoint or any other reporting media if so desired.

Project manager can add comments on monthly or weekly basis including key project financials.

Real-time performance

Visual traffic lights and graphical KPIs allow management to make fact-based decisions as soon as the situation  requires.

Project progress and status with important KPI figures are combined. Amplon enables easy drill down to see the details behind the big picture.

Transparency across the organization

Clear and effective main dashboard allows all employees to see the strategic objective and project status. This ensures common awareness across the organization and motivates personnel to act towards the common goals.

Agility and speed

Amplon supports high performance leadership by visually helping managers to concentrate forces on fewer activities, so that they are implemented quickly and with high quality.

The use of X matrix and the recommended management process help the organization to easily learn new level of agility.

Easy to deploy

Amplon is fully cloud based and accessible with any web browser. Users do not need to install any new software in their desktop computers, laptops, pads or mobile phones.

Uncomplicated user interface retains simplicity to enable easy use and quick adoption at any organizational level.

Video tutorials help you to obtain the application tips in seconds and hints to effective strategy execution.

Now, it’s time for you to try, how easy it is to execute your strategy with!

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