Manage the strategy execution

Real-time performance

Visual traffic lights and graphical KPIs allow you to make fact-based decisions as soon as the situation requires.

Project progress and status with important KPI figures are combined. Amplon enables easy drill-down to see the details behind the big picture.

Real-time KPI dashboard.
All KPIs collected in one dashboard.

Transparency across the organization

Clear overview for each employee thru the visual front page.
Common overview for all employees.

A clear and compelling main dashboard lets all employees see the strategic objective and project status. This ensures common awareness across the organization and motivates personnel to act towards common goals.

Analytics and fact-based decisions

Amplon helps you concentrate on the essential strategic activities. Focus helps implement strategy quickly and with high quality.

All strategic KPIs in a clear bowler chart view.
Strategic KPIs with comments.
The portfolio report gives an instant overview and the possibility to drill down to any details.
Project portfolio analytics

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