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We help organizations succeed in strategy execution in their ever-evolving business environment with interactive Hoshin Kanri software and its X matrix. – “No more playing around with Excel.”

Our international team has over 50 years of business expertise in implementing transformational changes around the globe. Our software technology competence is built and tested in the banking and finance industries.

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Our mission

Amplon was founded in 2020 and our mission is to help managers in various positions to become better leaders by using Amplon.

Amplon overcomes the many limitations of Excel and PowerPoint, commonly used in strategy implementation.

The Hoshin Kanri method is very powerful for many international organizations, as it ensures strong alignment and ownership.

”When I was a business leader to multinational corporations, I struggled to implement strategies and got frustrated playing around with multiple Excel files that contained strategies and action plans. Decided to solve this problem, and Amplon, the hoshin kanri software, was born.”

“With Amplon, I want to ensure organizations will have a new level of transparency – Strategy is what people do.

Amplon stands for simplicity and easiness of use. I want you to focus on the content rather than the software tool.

We co-develop Amplon with our customers – last year, over 20 great ideas were implemented.”

Kimmo Kallioniemi, Founder and CEO Amplon

Kimmo Kallioniemi, CEO Amplon

Latest News

18th December 2023

We are pleased to announce that the ELCEE group has chosen Amplon as their strategic planning and execution management platform.
ELCEE is a Dutch engineering group with 100 years of history and produces engineered industrial components for world-leading equipment builders.
ELCEE operates in 15 locations in Europe and Asia.

Elcee has decided to implement Amplon in their world-wide operations.

Amplon - the Hoshin Kanri platform


The interactive X matrix simplifies strategic planning and prioritization. The Hoshin planning matrix helps teams execute a focused and goal-oriented strategy year-round.

Hoshin kanri software increases transparency


Best practice project charters and project management tools elevate team maturity. Integrated progress follow-ups keep your strategy up-to-date and transparent.

Collaboration is easy with digital hoshin kanri software.


Align objectives effortlessly, making it 100% clear how each person's work contributes to overall goals. Easily share common initiatives across the organization.

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