Hoshin kanri software features that benefit you

Amplon’s features are superior to Excel’s. “No more playing around with Excel.” 

Amplon is a powerful and easy-to-use strategy execution tool for Hoshin Kanri. With Amplon, you increase collaboration and make organizational change happen.

Using Amplon is the easiest way to formulate and communicate an effective strategy and see your strategy in real-time.

Hoshin Kanri made easy™

Browse through the main features of Amplon

X Matrix

The interactive Hoshin planning X matrix provides detailed information with a mouse click.

Project planning and portfolio management

Basic project information with schedule and clear accountabilities.

Alignment builder

Cascade down objectives and ensure each department is aligned toward common goals.

Execution management

Real-time project and objective progress follow-up with a full audit trail.

KPI management and reporting

Performance management through KPIs and real-time report dashboards.

The features of the interactive digital X matrix are practical for goal setting. The X matrix provides additional information that helps everyone understand the big picture.
The features of project planning and portfolio management are comprehensive.
With Amplon alignment builder feature, you can easily cascade down objectives to ensure horizontal and vertical alignment are reached
Focus is maintained through clear prioritization of development activities. Amplon features are all you need to keep track of the progress of your strategy with a full audit trail.
Transparent performance management features and reporting enable fact-based decisions.

Additional of features

  • Gantt visualization for projects

    Easy-to-read Gantt charts enable you to validate project scheduling.

  • Task management

    Manage project tasks with clear deadlines and responsibilities.

  • Project budgeting

    Plan and follow the budget and actual spending of your development projects. Evaluate and follow that your strategic projects bring the expected financial results.

  • Project resourcing

    Plan and assign your key resources for the projects. Assess the estimated workload.

  • History review

    You can quickly assess past performance with animated performance dashboards and an X matrix.

  • User management

    Flexible user management allows various access levels within one organization. Single-sign-on makes it easy and safe to control access.

  • Multiple language versions

    Amplon comes with several language versions for a greater user experience.

  • ...and many other features including AI coach

Amplon - the Hoshin Kanri platform


The interactive X matrix simplifies strategic planning and prioritization. The Hoshin planning matrix helps teams execute a focused and goal-oriented strategy year-round.

Hoshin kanri software increases transparency


Best practice project charters and project management tools elevate team maturity. Integrated progress follow-ups keep your strategy up-to-date and transparent.

Collaboration is easy with digital hoshin kanri software.


Align objectives effortlessly, making it 100% clear how each person's work contributes to overall goals. Easily share common initiatives across the organization.

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