Progress and performance tracking

With Amplon’s execution management capabilities, you have tools for tracking the progress of strategic objectives, projects, and KPIs with comprehensive audit trails.

With Amplon, you can monitor real-time performance and make fact-based decisions.

Execution management is easy with Amplon

Amplon provides automatically filtered lists so users can quickly find their responsibilities. Entering the latest status for projects, KPIs, and objectives is easy.

Visual traffic lights and graphical progress indicators allow you to make fact-based decisions as soon as the situation requires. Correct and up-to-date information is a prerequisite for informed decisions.

Users can quickly enter information on their responsibilities. Execution management is easy and takes only a few minutes to keep one's projects and KPIs up to date.
Amplon allows users to make notes on the project and KPI updates. With notes, the execution management becomes structured, providing an entire audit trail.

Execution management with audit trail

The logbook functionality allows project managers and KPI owners to add a status comment, enabling management to understand the situation and possible challenges better.

All relevant information is linked, and you can navigate in Amplon with a single click of a mouse. You can add links to detailed status reports or countermeasure documents in the log book comments, making it easy to obtain further information.

Analytics and fact-based execution management

Clear and compelling dashboards let you see the progress of strategic initiatives and their current performance.

With a single mouse click, you can drill down to the details to understand the root cause of the situation.

The project portfolio management report gives an instant overview and allows drilling down any details. Real-time reporting and analytics are essential parts of this Hoshin Kanri software.
Project portfolio analytics

Summary of progress and performance tracking key features

  • Real-Time Updates: Tracks progress of strategic objectives, projects, and KPIs.
  • Status Indicators: Uses traffic lights for annual objectives, projects, and KPI status.
  • Logbook Comments: This includes timestamped comments and document links for the full audit trail.
  • KPI Forms: Simplifies data entry with actual values and status indicators.
  • User Accountability Filtering: Automatically filters user’s responsibilities.

Amplon - the Hoshin Kanri platform


The interactive X matrix simplifies strategic planning and prioritization. The Hoshin planning matrix helps teams execute a focused and goal-oriented strategy year-round.

Hoshin kanri software increases transparency


Best practice project charters and project management tools elevate team maturity. Integrated progress follow-ups keep your strategy up-to-date and transparent.

Collaboration is easy with digital hoshin kanri software.


Align objectives effortlessly, making it 100% clear how each person's work contributes to overall goals. Easily share common initiatives across the organization.

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