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These customer cases are selected to give an overview of why to choose Hoshin Kanri software instead of an Excel spreadsheet. Amplon is an end-to-end strategy execution management platform for hassle-free strategic planning, alignment, and execution. It is inspired by the Hoshin Kanri strategy execution method and uses its best parts. However, with Amplon, you don’t need to follow the Hoshin Kanri process; still, the visual software will help you implement your strategy.

Hoshin Kanri software vs Excel spreadsheet

Amplon is entirely cloud-based software and accessible with any web browser. As such, its implementation is quick since users do not need to install new software on their desktop computers, laptops, tablets, or mobile phones.

Amplon’s user interface is designed to be uncomplicated and intuitive, making it easy for users at any organizational level to adopt. With Amplon, you can bid farewell to the constraints of Excel spreadsheets and the hassle of managing multiple files. Plus, the software offers multiple language options for added convenience.

From this blog, you can read more about implementing Hoshin Kanri with software:

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We’ve been using the Amplon X-matrix tool for our 500-person organization over the past two years. It has significantly enhanced clarity. Now, we have an easily accessible clear view for everyone of our long-term goals, annual objectives, and development topics both at the organizational level and within each activity.

While we’ve only scratched the surface of its functionality and potential, the tool’s intuitive interface, speed, and ease of use have been impressive. One of its standout features is the natural periodic check-ins it encourages, prompting our management team to engage in thorough discussions regularly.

Moreover, the Amplon team’s responsiveness and support have been outstanding. Overall, Amplon X-matrix has been an invaluable asset for our organization.

Ari Hyvärinen

ABB Drives Oy

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A Vaasa University researcher, Aušrinė Šilenskytė made a podcast about Foamit Group implementing Amplon and Hoshin Kanri.

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Amplon - the Hoshin Kanri software


The interactive X matrix simplifies strategic planning and prioritization. The Hoshin planning matrix helps teams execute a focused and goal-oriented strategy year-round.

Hoshin kanri software increases transparency


Best practice project charters and project management tools elevate team maturity. Integrated progress follow-ups keep your strategy up-to-date and transparent.

Collaboration is easy with digital hoshin kanri software.


Align objectives effortlessly, making it 100% clear how each person's work contributes to overall goals. Easily share common initiatives across the organization.

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