Privacy Policy


Amplon Oy

Kaukselankatu 11, 20900 Turku, Finland

Contact persons

Kimmo Kallioniemi

Name of registry

Amplon Oy´s customer and marketing registry.

Purpose of filing system

Personal data is used for orders, billing, recovery, contacts, transactions, customer inquiries, service development, reporting, marketing, and other customer relationship management measures.

Purchasing, transaction, and location information in the filing system can also be used for profiling and targeting marketing activities and customer communications to make them more attractive to the registered. Personal information is also used when sending newsletters, in-app messages, or when people attend events and other marketing activities.

Data content and information categories of the filing system

Data that can be used include contact persons of the controller’s current or past customer organizations, persons with connections to the controller, Amplon service users, or persons who approved the marketing.

The registry may contain data from the following information categories relevant to the purpose of the use of the registry:

  • Basic information such as name and contact details (address, email address, telephone number) of the controller’s current or past customer organizations as well as their contact persons’ name and contact details
  • Information relating to the customer relationship between the controller and the registered persons, such as information on orders or appointments, possible direct marketing permits and prohibitions, and other communications between the parties, and related information
  • Data, including the first and last name, address, contact details, position, employer, gender, username, and password of a person registered in the controller’s Amplon service or its ancillary service, or information obtained through the application and the various functions contained therein, such as location and information the user has provided in the application
  • Transaction information from the controller’s website on different websites, behavior on websites and other related category information, participation in events, contacts made with customer service, contacts made with other Amplon employees and services, and related information to subscribing to the newsletter.

Regular sources of information

Information provided by the customer, customer data system and billing database, user and transaction information on websites, blogs, and newsletters, information on customer relationship management and customer service systems and Amplon service information, partners and companies, and authorities offering personal information services.

Regular disclosure of information

Filing system information can be shared with Amplon Oy’s dealers or subcontractors.

Amplon Oy can also outsource the processing of your personal data to companies outside the enterprise, which may also be in countries outside the European Union and the European Economic Area, such as the United States of America. These companies can process personal data to provide, for example, infrastructure and IT services, or other services. In such cases, sufficient data security and the handling of the filing system are taken care of by an EU-U.S. – Privacy Shield arrangement, or by contract using templates approved by the EU Commission.

Principles of filing system protection

The information is technically protected. Physical access to data is blocked by access control and other security measures. Access to information requires adequate rights. Firewalls and technical protection also prevent unauthorized access. The controller and specially designated technical persons can only access the filing system information. Only designated persons can process and maintain the filing system information. Users are bound by professional secrecy. The filing system is backed up safely and can be restored as needed. The level of confidentiality is audited at recurring intervals, either by external or internal auditing.

The right to check and amend the filing system information

A person on the filing system has the right to review what information there is on him or her on the filing system. The request must be made in writing to the controller A data subject has the right to amend any incorrect information on the filing system.