Make the big picture of your strategy clear to everyone.

Make your strategic planning easily

A powerful strategy matrix (X matrix) combines objectives, development initiatives, and KPIs into a single view. Amplon visually communicates the entire story of your strategy with one simple, easy-to-read matrix.

The X matrix helps management at each level to ensure that the focus is clear: a few carefully selected objectives are achieved through a fixed amount of priority projects and tracked by a handful of leading indicators.

Hoshin Kanri software with clickable X matrix helps in building a focused strategy.
The X matrix helps you to start less and finish more.

Make your strategic plans with X matrix

The X matrix is a visual tool that helps you build a robust business strategy and connect projects with strategic objectives and KPIs.

An integrated AI coach can help the users formulate better strategic objectives.

Amplon comes with an AI coach that can help you when you need

For example, you can ask for advice on your strategic objective. As a result, you will get feedback and improvement suggestions.

The AI will significantly help managers who still need to become familiar with setting high-quality objectives.

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