Video resources

On this page, you will find a short videos that shows the power of Amplon in strategic planning, aligning the organization, and managing the execution.

See the Amplon video

In this short (134 sec) demo video, you can see the power of Amplon in deploying your strategy.

The X matrix tutorial

Here, you will learn the X matrix and how it is used.

Powerful reporting dashboards provide simple access to progress information - a single source of truth.

50% time saving in implementing your strategy.

Improved employee engagement.

Instant overview
Real-time dashboards help you to make timely and fact-based decisions.
Efficient goal setting
Connect your strategy with development initiatives and KPIs.
Project portfolio management
Manage your entire project portfolio and ensure the focus is always maintained.
Align your organization
Cascade down objectives and align to make sure common goals are reached.
Manage performance
Real-time progress reporting and KPI management ensure you can act on facts.

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