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Amplon is Hoshin Kanri software for strategy execution

Amplon streamlines your strategic planning process and keeps your team aligned and focused on the most important tasks, leaving you more time to grow your business.

With Amplon, you can implement hoshin kanri 50% faster and engage the whole organization.

Why wait? Learn more about how Amplon can take your strategy execution to the next level.

Here is a short intro video of Amplon:

Play Video about Amplon is hoshin kanri software, and this video describes Amplon features.
Amplon is hoshin kanri software. Digital X matrix provides the big picture of your strategy to everyone.

Make the big picture of your strategy clear to everyone

Through unique visuals, Amplon provides effective strategic planning and straightforward prioritization at each organizational level.

"Amplon helped us to deploy our strategic plans effectively."

Align teams toward common goals

With Amplon, objectives are effectively cascaded down and coordinated easily across the units.

"Amplon makes Hoshin Kanri Excel templates obsolete and brings so much more added value to strategy implementation."

Hoshin kanri software helps users to align teams and their acts towards common goals. Amplon ensures focused execution.
Amplon helps you to manage your project portfolio by linking strategic objectives to projects. Hoshin kanri is all about executing your strategic projects, and Amplon software makes it easy.

Manage your project portfolio

Amplon helps you to manage your project portfolio by linking strategic objectives to projects.

"Amplon helped us to easily prioritize the most important objectives and projects in a changing business environment."

A transparent strategy brings proven results

Amplon enables a new level of transparency for employees.

"Your solution is light-year ahead of what international management consultants can offer."

Amplon enables a new level of transparency for employees. Digitalized hoshin kanri software with an intuitive X matrix is accessible everywhere.

Amplon is hoshin kanri software that makes strategy implementation easy

The Amplon software is based on the Hoshin Kanri method. With the Hoshin Kanri strategy execution management method, you can clearly prioritize objectives and actions to maintain focus on achieving common goals. The method is used by many of the world’s successful companies, such as Tesla, LEGO, Toyota and Bank of America.

Read more strategy implementation and hoshin kanri here.

If you are not yet convinced which strategy execution method is best for you, check the comparison table between hoshin kanri, OKR and balanced score card here.

A podcast about Foamit Group implementing Amplon and hoshin kanri is made by a Vaasa University researcher. Take a look.

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Superior features support your strategy execution

Amplon is an easy-to-use browser-based application promoting collaboration across the organization. The structuring of the strategy clarifies the measures at each level of the organization to move effectively towards common goals. In addition, Amplon provides a real-time overview that allows for coherent and effective management of the organization.

Effective goal setting

Powerful goal-oriented strategy visualization at each organizational level.


Clear visualization of strategy and its progress in real time.

Focused execution

Focus is maintained through clear prioritization of development activities.


Horizontal and vertical alignment to ensure common direction.

Performance management​

A consistent and effective management process across the organization.

Why customers appreciate Amplon?


Easy to use

Amplon’s intuitive user experience helps in quick strategy execution process deployment.

Hoshin kanri software increases transparency


Get an overview of the project status in an easy-to-read dashboard enabling quick decisions.

Collaboration is easy with digital hoshin kanri software.


Simple way to align objectives across an organization. Effective coordination of common projects.

Amplon is cloud-based hoshin kanri software that ensures real-time data is available for fact-based decision-making.


Our cloud-based application is accessible with any device, anywhere, at any time.

Kimmo Kallioniemi, CEO Amplon

”When I was a business leader to multinational corporations, I was struggling to get strategies implemented and got frustrated playing around with Excels. Decided to solve this problem and Amplon was born.”

“With Amplon I want to ensure organizations will have a new level of transparency – Strategy is what people do.

Amplon stands for simplicity and easiness of use. I want you to focus on the content, not the software tool.

We co-develop Amplon with our customers – last year over 20 great ideas were implemented.”

Kimmo Kallioniemi, Founder and CEO Amplon

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