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Make your strategic plans faster with the help of the most advanced AI-assisted strategy execution management software. Manage strategy deployment and project portfolio in real-time and increase employee engagement.

Amplon is Hoshin Kanri software that harnesses this powerful strategy deployment method. With Amplon, you are no longer constrained by Excel features. 

Amplon – Hoshin Kanri made easy.

Got a great strategy? How’s the implementation?

Amplon simplifies strategic planning and execution management – a single source of truth.

Amplon supports the way you want to implement strategy

Instant overview

Hoshin planning X matrix

This image shows three unique user interfaces of Amplon strategy deployment software: X-matrix for strategic planning, an overview for understanding the big picture, and a real-time analysis dashboard.

Real-time analytics

Some of our clients

"We managed our strategy and Hoshin Kanri process documents in almost 30 Excel files. It became difficult to manage, and reacting to any business opportunity or challenge during the year took a lot of work. We were not agile, and employees complained about the lack of visibility to strategy."
"With the X matrix software, our Hoshin planning process is much faster and we can focus more on business. Amplon improved our strategy deployment and we have now a common understanding of our status."

Everything you need for successful strategy deployment

In this picture a team uses Amplon software and the digital X matrix, which provides the overview of the strategy to everyone. Amplon is a Hoshin Kanri software.

With this Hoshin Kanri software you make the big picture and prioritization of your strategy clear to everyone.

The X matrix software helps you to build a robust strategic plan and makes it clear to everyone.

Align teams toward common goals and coordinate across the units.

With an easy-to-use alignment builder, you can quickly cascade objectives and ensure a common direction.

In this picture a team uses Hoshin Kanri software (Amplon) which helps them to align teams and their actions toward common goals. Amplon guarantees focused execution.
In this picture a project management office (PMO) manages project portfolio with Amplon, which links strategic objectives to projects.

Manage your project portfolio and link projects to strategic objectives.

Amplon comes with a project portfolio and project planning capabilities.

A transparent strategy brings proven results and improves your reaction speed.

A clear real-time dashboard enables quick and informed decisions. 

In this picture remote worker uses Amplon's X-matrix software and enjoys full transparency.
An example of how an integrated AI coach helps formulate better strategic objectives.

AI coach helping you 24/7

The ability to set tangible strategic objectives at each organizational layer is one of the cornerstones of a high-performing organization.

With the help of the AI coach, teams can formulate their strategic goals better and faster. You can see the immediate improvement in your organization’s maturity.

How about taking YOUR Hoshin planning to the next level:

50% time-saving in strategic planning and alignment

Improve the efficiency of your strategy deployment by 35%

No more playing around with several Excel files

Integrate ESG reporting into your busines strategy 

Amplon - the Hoshin Kanri software

Easy to use symbol

Easy to use

Amplon’s intuitive user experience helps in quick strategy execution process deployment.

Hoshin kanri software increases transparency


Get an overview of the project status in an easy-to-read dashboard enabling quick decisions.

Collaboration is easy with digital hoshin kanri software.


Simple way to align objectives across an organization. Effective coordination of common projects.

Amplon is cloud-based hoshin kanri software that ensures real-time data is available for fact-based decision-making.

Quick to implement

Our cloud-based application is accessible with any device, anywhere, at any time.

Hoshin Kanri, Policy deployment, Hoshin planning or Strategy deployment – you name it. All this can be done with Excel, but it is not the best practice.

With Amplon you turn your data into real-time information.

Become strategy execution expert with us

Here is our unique collection of strategy deployment guides:

Top results are only achieved with a well-implemented strategy.

Elements of effective strategy

Top results are only achieved with a well-implemented strategy. Many organizations can do reasonably well by continuing with their so-called old model, but this rarely retains a competitive advantage.

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”When I was a business leader to multinational corporations, I struggled to implement strategies and got frustrated playing around with multiple Excel files that contained strategies and action plans. Decided to solve this problem, and Amplon, the hoshin kanri software, was born.”

“With Amplon, I want to ensure organizations will have a new level of transparency – Strategy is what people do.

Amplon stands for simplicity and easiness of use. I want you to focus on the content rather than the software tool.

We co-develop Amplon with our customers – last year, over 20 great ideas were implemented.”

Kimmo Kallioniemi, Founder and CEO Amplon

Kimmo Kallioniemi, CEO Amplon

Amplon is hoshin kanri software that makes strategy implementation easy

So, what is Hoshin Kanri?

Hoshin Kanri is one of the methods that is often associated with Lean thinking and Lean principles. Hoshin Kanri is a Japanese term meaning “direction management”. So, in other words, Hoshin Kanri is a strategic planning and deployment framework.

There are many different ways to make your strategic planning and manage the execution. The strategy implementation starts with selecting and designing your management system – the strategy deployment method. Hoshin Kanri method (sometimes called Policy deployment or strategy deployment) is one of them. To successfully implement your strategy, you need to choose the best strategy deployment method for you, and the most used are Hoshin Kanri, OKR, and the balanced scorecard. Here, you can find a table helping you make the proper selection. Hoshin Kanri is best suited for organizations that have multiple departments or businesses that benefit from strong alignment toward common goals.

Amplon software uses the best parts of the Hoshin Kanri strategy execution method. Therefore, Amplon is Hoshin Kanri software. However, with Amplon, you only need to follow the Hoshin Kanri processes if you want to. Amplon supports your teams to visually prioritize objectives and actions to maintain focus on achieving common goals.

You can read more about strategy implementation and Lean-originated hoshin kanri here.

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