Manage your project portfolio seamlessly with your strategy

Strategic project portfolio management

Complete project portfolio with clear status and progress indicators.
Complete project portfolio.

Amplon comes with complete project and program planning features. In addition, you can easily manage the whole project portfolio.

The project manager can add comments monthly or weekly, including project financials. The Amplon platform provides a complete audit trail of development initiatives, enabling continuous improvement. Easy-to-read reports give a quick and practical overview of the project status. Reports can also be easily copied to PowerPoint or any other reporting media.

Gantt charts for the overview

From the Gantt chart overview, you can quickly see the scheduling of each strategic project in your portfolio.

The planning is done with standard project charters that ensure the maturity of the planning across the organization.

Projects and programs are planned and documented with standard project charters. Visual Gantt chart overviews for scheduling and follow-up.
Gantt chart overview
The portfolio report gives an instant overview and the possibility to drill down to any details.
Project portfolio analytics

Portfolio reporting and analytics

The project portfolio analytic report lets you instantly see the progress overview. From the overview, you can drill down to any details you need. 

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