Align teams toward common goals

Cascading strategic objectives and aligning all departments toward common goals is typically one of the most challenging tasks in strategy deployment. Aligning organizational objectives, or Catchball as it is called in the Hoshin Kanri methodology, is one of the main elements of the Hoshin Kanri method.

Amplon helps teams cascade objectives and visually present the alignment (or missing alignment). This makes your Catchball process fast and empowering. Amplon’s capabilities extend beyond just top-down alignment. It also facilitates horizontal alignment and sharing joint initiatives across multiple departments, making it a comprehensive and secure solution for your organizational alignment needs. Our unique meta-information allows you to, for example, separately follow selected company priorities, such as sustainability, across all the X matrixes.

Cascade and align objectives and development projects across the organization

Ultimately, people are the ones who execute the chosen strategy across the organization. Amplon ensures an effective way to communicate and cascade these strategic objectives to everyone.

Amplon is especially powerful in managing projects that require contributions from many organizational units or teams.

Alignment builder

The alignment builder is designed to support organizations in their catchball process. While the lower-level organization unit or team evaluates the parent organization’s objectives and plans its contribution, they connect objectives with the parent, and then the connection is made. 

The management can see real-time alignment and how objectives are cascaded through the organization.

This picture shows the alignment checker. You can cascade top-level objectives and align teams towards common goals.
The Hoshin planning X matrix is a visual tool to set priorities among one team, but Amplon helps teams align towards common objectives. With Amplon's reporting and analytics, you can easily compare multiple X matrixes side-by-side, which immediately gives you an overview of the alignment.
A dashboard that visualizes the alignment and status.

Side-by-side alignment comparison

The need for cross-organizational alignment is one of the main reasons to choose the Hoshin Kanri method. 

During efficient and engaging strategy work, teams and employees should be free to plan their contribution to parent organization objectives. However, the end result should be coherrent and aligned strategy.

Amplon plays a pivotal role in simplifying the alignment process. Its side-by-side view report, displaying multiple X matrixes in one dashboard, allows management to effortlessly track the progress of strategy work.


Summary of aligment key features

  • Objective Cascading: Cascade objectives from the top down to departments and teams, ensuring organizational alignment. This hierarchical alignment helps integrate strategic goals into daily operations.
  • KPI and project Sharing: Share KPIs and projects among departments to ensure transparency and alignment with common goals. This is highly beneficial in managing organization-wide projects.
  • Meta-Data Tags: Attach configurable tags to projects, objectives, and KPIs, enhancing transparency and enabling detailed reporting across the organization. Use tags to align activities with support functions.
  • Alignment visualization: Visualize the objective and KPI hierarchy to better understand how objectives are cascaded. Use side-by-side views to compare multiple X matrixes.

Amplon - the Hoshin Kanri platform


The interactive X matrix simplifies strategic planning and prioritization. The Hoshin planning matrix helps teams execute a focused and goal-oriented strategy year-round.

Hoshin kanri software increases transparency


Best practice project charters and project management tools elevate team maturity. Integrated progress follow-ups keep your strategy up-to-date and transparent.

Collaboration is easy with digital hoshin kanri software.


Align objectives effortlessly, making it 100% clear how each person's work contributes to overall goals. Easily share common initiatives across the organization.

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